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Kishan Sagathiya

Let's Talk About Ragging

I remember one student sitting in a corner surrounded by ten guys who were kicking him like crazy. He didn't even try to fight back. He suffered like all of them did. It was not that they were weak. They were actually stronger than some of the 12th grade students. It wasn't even that they weren't united. It was just that they were scared, in a place far from their homes.

Jim Harris

Pitfalls on the Path to Pure Reason

Failure to recognize that even science is based on probability and in no way claims to be "the truth" but merely the best theory we currently have to explain observations has led to people placing an unwarranted amount of faith in exactitude. This can lead to not just ignorant but even dangerous actions.


TBSB Returns

TBSB was started as an effort to be the hub of all things NITK and today, we’re returning to its roots. An establishment is built by and upon the people that comprise it and we are no different. Alumni, teachers and students – the people of NITK comprise a mass teeming with talent, intelligence and ability. There is immense potential looking for an outlet, an issue we hope to fix. By opening yourself up to being connected with the people of NITK, you initiate the creation of opportunity, for yourself and people who may have been seeking them.

Kartik Sreenivasan

Adobe – An opportunity to Dreamweave your summer

For those of you out there who think Adobe is just Photoshop, know that you are seeing just the tip of the iceberg.


Swachh India, Swachh NITK and a Cracker-free Diwali?

It has been an impressive effort by our charismatic leader, Narendra Modi and the Government of India to make our country a clean and hygienic place as described when he spoke of his vision of #SwachhBharat in the Independence Day address to the nation and again at Madison Square Garden in the USA. I never imagined it […]


निःशब्द धिक्कार

कभी-कभी इश्क़ में जबान से कुछ कहने की आवश्यकता नहीं होती और नज़रों ही नज़रों में सारी बातें हो जाती हैं। इन्हीं निःशब्द शब्दों में अपने प्रेम को धिक्कारते हुए प्रेमी के एहसास को बयान करती हुई ये कविता जिसका एक पक्ष यह भी कहता है की कभी-कभी सब कुछ अच्छा होने के बाद भी […]

Shubham Agarwal

Hostel Council Elections 2014-2015

The purpose of this council is to solve all problems of students residing in hostels. This council will be headed by the Student Council President. The Recreational Committee convenor and Reading Room Committee convenor along with ONE elected hostel secretary from each hostel block will form the core of the hostel council. This council will […]

Abhinav Burman

The Intractable War

As the cycle of rocket fire, ceasefire and casualties continues, you may become less and less clear on how all this fighting started and why it goes on. This article is an overview of the latest Israel Gaza conflict; how it started, how this fight fits in the bigger picture and how it’s likely to end.

Abhishek Arora

Internship Diary - Caution: Slippery Floor Ahead

Aim high, give the interviews your best shot, don't panic and make the best of whatever job you end up with. An internship can still be extremely helpful to a computer engineer if he/she learns something other than new ways to mess around with a heap of wires and plastic.

Karan Suresh

Behind the Curtain

The Darwinian notion of the survival of the fittest is often misconstrued, but it is doubtless that at the highest levels of human performance, the peak is narrow. Those at the precipice may gaze out into the vast grandeur of their surroundings. But if they lean outward to make themselves visible, the fall is treacherous.